What To Expect With Double Glazing Repairs

One of the most frustrating things about double glazed windows is when one pane breaks and the other one doesn’t.

While there are some double glazing repairs you can cheaply do yourself, such as repair the locks or hinges, repairing any of the glass units is much better left to the professionals, as it is not very user friendly and generally requires training to know how to carefully repair what was broken.  The double glazing cost of some windows can get very high, but it is worth it.

If someone breaks your double glazed window, the first thing to do is to check the warranty.  If you are still under warranty, you may be able to simply have them come in and repair it for whatever was agreed upon in the warranty.

If you’re not under warranty, things get a little more interesting.  Check first with the company that did the window initially. Even though you no longer have a warranty with them, they should have all the replacement parts and won’t be spending your money chasing down a part that only they used that wouldn’t be available to other, apparently cheaper organizations who don’t have access to that.

On the other hand, let’s say you purchased a home and the house already has double glazed windows.  Trying to figure out who initially created the windows in that case can be a nightmare.  In that case, your best bet is to look for contractors whose main repair jobs are usually based on fixing double glazed windows and have access to the generic parts used to fix windows.  Depending on the age of your home, the company that originally made your windows may not even be in business anymore.

Your last way out is to replace the windows.  That can get expensive, but it is probably worth it. Also keep in mind that unless something external obviously broke the window, such as a kid throwing a ball, if your double paned windows just seem to be breaking, they may all need replacing. y based on fixing double glazed windows and have access to the generic parts used.

Author: Edwin

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